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University Missions

In November I had a speaking engagement for the Warwick Christian Union in preparation for the events week I'm leading in February 2024.

It started with doing a training seminar: "To Boldly Go" in the chaplaincy centre followed by me giving an evangelistic exposition for the main Christian Union meeting in Lecture Room RO20.  This was entitled "When life gives you lemons - make lemonade" and we were thrilled that 6 made a public declaration that they had responded to my invitation to turn to Christ.

A post CU meal followed at a local pub and I was kindly put up in a student house (where 8 members of the CU all live together - pictured below).

The following morning I spoke at a breakfast training event on "Principles of Personal Evangelism" at 0800 before being taken to a weekly prayer meeting (held specifically to pray for the unborn) and then onto another meeting where I fielded Q & A (this was held in the wonderful "Faculty of Arts Building" FAB - pictured below - it was like speaking in a work of art!).

There are about 200 in the CU and there was a sizeable turnout that morning to be trained in evangelism (despite me already giving a seminar yesterday on mission and it being mid week and at 0800!).

This is one of the most missional CU's I've had the privilege of working with and I came away really excited about the week long mission in February.

Lord send revival to Warwick University!

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