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Help train the whole Church - all Christians in the work of evangelism

Studying in Groups
Help train the whole church

The second objective is to help train and release the Church into her evangelistic calling. 


‘The Great Commission’ has become the ‘Great Omission’ for huge swathes of the contemporary Church.  


Most Christians feel fearful at the thought of doing evangelism, and many mistakenly feel that it’s not for them. 

The Bible is clear that all Christians are called to the work of evangelism - to be witnesses of the resurrection of Christ.


Christians need inspiring and encouraging to find out how they can play their part in this non-negotiable aspect of our call as Christ’s disciples.  

We do this by speaking at conferences and church based events at the invitation of pastors to both inspire and equip Christians to discover how they can utilise the gifts that God has given them to play their part in pointing their non Christian friends to Jesus Christ.

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