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Mentor and coach missional leaders

Professor Lecturing on Stage
Mentor and coach leaders

It has been said that ‘Leadership is influence’ and in that sense, anyone who is a Christian is by definition a leader!

There are however those who are called to be ‘leaders of leaders’ and exercise significant influence in the world and in the Church.  

As a theological college lecturer Greg noticed that many people assumed that training and coaching ended when a person left seminary and took on a paid ministry position.


His experience is that ministers often need coaching and training more in their ministry context because they are facing the hard reality of leadership in a post Christian paradigm with all the real life challenges and questions that this throws up. 

Kingfisher Ministries' have a heart and calling to train leaders, not just Church based Leaders, Pastors and Evangelists, but those who are culture shapers:  doctors; lawyers; politicians; academics –  those who feel a call to be missional leaders and live out their faith in Christ in the secular world.  

Over 95% of us are not called to Church based Leadership, but to live out our faith in the secular world.


For the majority of us, our place of work is not an alternative to mission and ministry but is in fact our chief sphere of mission and ministry.  


We believe that the Great Commission can only be fully realised if the sleeping giant of this vast majority of Christians who live out their faith in the secular world is awoken and comes to realise that we need to live out our faith, not just in the Church place, but the market place.

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