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Street Evangelism

Updated: Jun 16

Did a team training session on "Street Evangelism that is Credible, Creative and Kingdom" and then we prayed and (apprehensively" took to the streets of Lancaster.

Lots of good chats with Muslims, Atheists and a Wiccan and had the privilege of leading Stuart (67) to the Lord who asked me to pray for his dog (who I didn't quite get over the line).

Later met a delightful Indian couple, Imran and Efir, who informed me "Steiner led us to Christ" (who, providentially I knew about). I offered to take them for coffee where they shared their journey from Islam and Hinduism through atheism, and then on to embrace Christianity (inspired by the bohemian philosopher, occultist, mystic, educational pioneer and social reformer Joseph Steiner 1861 - 1925).

It was a joy to talk theology with them (and be later joined by their friend Lloyd) and answer their many questions as they had not yet connected with the church, been baptised or filled with the Holy Spirit. As I prayed for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit, they were greatly moved, and the floor was wet with their tears.

It was a day to remember as their friend Lloyd (who had never prayed to receive Christ before) did so and was likewise filled with power from on high (a key for him was me having a word of knowledge about his past. He was stunned and looked at Imran who said "I never told him").

We agreed to stay in touch and said I would help them find their tribe (and help disciple/mentor Imran who had been praying for someone to do that for him).

The coffee shop became sacred space surely as much as any grand cathedral in the land - no wonder the call it St Arbucks!

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