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St pauls in hammersmith

A joy to speak last night on "Principles of Personal Evangelism" for the final week of St Paul's of Hammersmith's Lent Course.

I was able to use stories of people who had come to Christ only hours before. I arrived in London early and dedicated the after to the Lord and offered to speak to people about Him and prayed: "Lead me to the lost who are ready to be found"

I spoke to 9 people in all (an actress, bookshop retailer, pensioner, Muslim women, clerical outfitter - of different sexes, ages, classes and nationalities). 7 were interested, 2 were not, 0 were hostile. 3 ended up praying to receive Christ.


From the Philippines who was filled with the Spirit and then attempted to give me money (I declined).


80, who saw my collar and wanted to talk to me about her daughter dying two weeks previously. She was concerned about the mental health of her granddaughter and I gave her a copy of "You are not alone" by Prof. Ken Duckworth and spoke of how knowing God gives vertical and horizontal connection.


Who I gave a prophetic word to (written out on a postcard of Holman Hunt's "Light of the World). He was stunned and with tears in his eyes said he would treasure the postcard always.

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