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revive lancaster

First night of Revive Lancaster (2nd April) and it was a movie night with the big screen, hot dogs and popcorn. "I can only imagine" is the moving biopic of Bart Millard who wrote the award inning song that gives the film its name (after losing his Dad to pancreatic cancer).

His Mum had abandoned him as a child and he was raised by his Dad who was violent and abusive but in the midst of this Millard became a Christian on a Summer camp aged 10.

He was estranged from his dad as an adult but his Father became a Christian in later life and sought reconciliation (which initially Millard did not want), but love has the tendency to win and in the words of Millard: "I saw God transform my Dad from a monster to become my best friend and a man that I wanted to become".

I did an epilogue on "Loss and Grace" at the end of the film weaving in the Gospel and tying it in with my own testimony of paternal deficit and abuse and becoming a Christian on a Summer camp (aged 11).

People were greatly moved and it was good to see 3 responding to turn to Christ.

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