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Pau experiences the Holy Spirit

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

A flying visit to Lancaster and visited my mum at her nursing home.

I was putting up on the wall an illuminated antique picture of Christ (bought in Athens last year), when her carer Pau, came in on his nightly rounds.

He was from the Philippines (been in the UK 2 years) and was from a Catholic background. He was intrigued when I spoke of knowing Jesus personally and experiencing the Holy Spirit.

As I prayed with him to receive Christ and be filled with the Spirit his eyes filled with tears and he experienced an intense heat in his upper body (he rocked backwards and later said he was going to fall backwards before stopping himself).

He was quite overcome and said: “thank you Father, I’d been recently thinking about how I could know and experience God in my life”.

We’ve connected on Facebook so I can continue to give him further advice about his soul.

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