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More Street Evangelism

Updated: Jun 16

Street evangelism in Lancaster which involved live music. magic, a dramatic soliloquy and giving out free popcorn to passers by!

That's me in the picture wearing the Hi-Viz jacket. My name is Samuel, I am 28 years old and from Romania.

I became a Christian aged 24, when God brought me to the light of His truth. Since then I have been baptised and seeking to follow God at Bethel Church, Oldham in Lancashire (a Romanian Gypsy Community church).

I had a major health problem with a slipped disc in my back which had been debilitating. This had gone on for 5 months causing continuous and intense pain, I’d seen many doctors who didn’t seem able to do anything for me and the pain was getting worse.

I was praying to God to heal me. I am a ‘Big Issue’ seller in Lancaster and on Good Friday (7th April 2023), a man with a group set up next to me to preach about God. I saw Greg and in that moment I felt God speak to me and send me to Greg to ask him to pray for me (that was the first time that I’ve seen him in my life). I went to him and asked him to pray for me and he seemed so happy that I asked him to pray for me.

He took out his oil, put it on his hand and began to pray with his hand on my back. While he was praying I felt a fire coming out of my back. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit in me as he prayed in tongues to God. God even spoke to me through Greg's prayer (giving him prophetic words he couldn’t have known). When he stopped I told him the pain had almost gone with just a bit remaining. He offered to pray again and it went completely!

Since then (exactly 2 weeks ago) I have had no more pain (it was continuous before that)

I was healed! God healed me by Greg - a real believer, a brother and a father, a true man of God (I am saying this because I have seen God work through his hand and his prayer).

After the prayer Greg went to the cash dispenser and gave me £100 (because he felt God tell him to). What he didn’t know is I have no money but recently gave £100 away to someone in need because I sensed God tell me to do this. That day God healed me physically, touched me Spiritually (by His Holy Spirit) and provided for me materially

God is Amazing!

He is the God of life (body, soul and Spirit) and works through people !


Samuel Marin 21 April 2023

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