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Mentoring Missional Leaders

Updated: Jun 16

One of Kingfisher's 4 objectives is mentoring Missional Leaders.

I do it because I myself have benefitted incalculably from this ministry and have no doubt I would not be doing what I'm doing now without it (I think this more than anything else has helped me become a disciple making disciples and a pastor of pastors).

I'm so indebted and grateful to the men who have mentored and invested in me like Peter John Davies, John Stott, Michael Green, J Stuart Reid, Rob Scott Cook, J John, R T Kendall and Terry Virgo.

It's massively time consuming and yet strategic and hugely rewarding. This week I've met with 5 people - 2 online and 3 in person (I mentor in many different parts of the world so much is on video calls these days).

I met with Joe Portway (online) who is doing an amazing job as the student worker at my former church St Michael Le Belfrey.

The Rev'd James West (in Hammersmith) who I helped train at Wycliffe Hall and is a curate in Chiswick.

The Rev'd Sam Parker (at Paddington) who is a deacon and a curate in Wandsworth.

Joe Beal (in Witney) who is a student at Newcaslte and a budding evangelist, and,

Sam Herring (online) also a budding evangelist who is about to get married tomorrow up in Yorkshire (I'm going up for the service).

These guys are all on fire for Christ and are committed to extending the Kingdom either in church based ministry or workplace ministry and give me hope for the future of the church in this land.

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