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Kingdom Testimony

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

It was a joy and a privilege to see the kingdom of God break-in at St Paul's Weston today.

Among the 28 who indicated that they had prayed to receive Christ or make a recommitment to Him, there was one who testified to receiving healing for back pain as they prayed (they didn’t receive specific prayer for this).

Another told me he couldn’t stop crying during the sermon and didn’t know why (I didn’t think it was that bad 😆).

Paul (the tall one in the middle of the photo) was already a Christian, but was filled with the Holy Spirit in a tangible manner. After receiving prayer, he said “I felt light and a rush of peace filled me and I had to stop myself from falling over. Words could not do justice to what I experienced - this was way better than drugs”.

It was Paul and his friend (who normally go to church in Bristol and had never been to St Paul’s Weston before) who brought their mate Phil to church today (pictured far right). Phil (not a churchgoer) gave his life to Christ after the sermon and was powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit. During the prayer time, he received a prophetic word that the Lord was setting him free from anxiety and panic attacks -especially night terrors.

At this his friend John-Paul laughed out loud saying “that’s a word of knowledge -bang on” as he knew that his friend struggled greatly with anxiety and Phil confirmed that he normally wakes up on average 6 times every night with fear. Our prayer for him was that this would stop now and never return.

(Photo and stories used with permission)

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