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It's Just Me and You Jesus

Updated: Jun 16

“It’s just me and you now Jesus” today is one those days I’ve prayed this prayer (despite being a crazy extrovert!).

Back home after an intense non stop 10 days of ministry since I returned from holiday (I’ve driven 700 miles and been to York, Scarborough, Long Hanborough, Biggin Hill and Bromley).

During that time I’ve given 13 talks and had 20 ministerial one to one meetings with individuals and chatted to and prayed for many many more.

I have been privileged to see 16 people give their lives to Christ, 2 people testify of physical healing and 3 deliverances (testimonies of emotional and mental health healings are not immediately knowable but will no doubt come later).

This is the glorious BREAKTHROUGH of the KINGDOM of GOD (the manifest reign and rule of King Jesus).

The experience of this kind of stuff (contrary to the message much of the contemporary church gives) is ‘the Hokey Cokey of Christianity’ - THAT’S WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!

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