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Baptism of Jonas - a Great Kingdom Story

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

On Sunday (4th June 2023) we had a young man named Jonas come with some friends to Apex church. They didn't know that it was a family service nor that we were having food after. Jonas decided to stay for lunch even though his friends, that came with him, decided to go. As he was standing in line, Greg Downes started to talk with him.

What followed was an extraordinary testimony of God divinely meeting with Jonas and saving him. Greg offered to pray for Jonas and he will filled once more with the Spirit of God and was greatly moved.

To paraphrase Jonas, he said that it is like he has finally got life inside and after years of dissatisfaction, he has finally found satisfaction and peace. This led to a conversation about baptism and like in the Acts of the Apostles where the Ethiopian eunuch declared ".... here is water" What prevents me from being baptised?"

And so today (7th June 2023) we gathered on Cowes Green at 10.00 and we baptised Jonas! A good group came along and afterwards we all went back to Greg's for some celebration nibbles and drinks. Praise God for his goodness and grace and we pray for Jonas in the days to come.

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