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Taxi !

My second great Gospel conversation was with my taxi driver who drove me from the airport to the hotel.

Jose (a 58 year old man from the Basque Country) told me that he was a believer in God (who had read bits of the Bible years ago and prayed occasionally but didn't go to church).

He was disillusioned with the Catholicism of his youth (and institutional religion in general) but said he was seeking God and spiritual enlightenment and was looking into a few "great spiritual masters of the New Age".  He was intrigued to talk to a "Protestant priest" (he'd never met one before) who shared his desire for an authentic spirituality that changed people from the inside out.  We chatted animatedly for the hour to Calpe as Jose fired questions at me and shared his concerns for the state of the world.

As we parked up outside my hotel Jose bowed his head to pray to receive Christ.  He said "I felt the power of truth and the sincerity of this moment" he said, thanking me profusely for our meeting.

I arrived at my destination (I'm was there to speak at a conference on evangelism) tired but exhilarated.

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