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Here at St Patrick's Cathedral

I was at the iconic St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on Saturday (25th May 2024) for the ordination of my friend Fr Vinny Castaldi as a (Catholic) priest, who I had the privilege of helping lead to Christ, 17 years previous (see video for his testimony below).

I’m pictured here wearing a Canterbury cap with the Archbishop of New York who ordained him (we had a convivial chat and he thanked me for my role in his spiritual journey).

The Canterbury cap is the distinctive protestant clerical headgear for Anglican clergy that is now (appropriately) considered anachronistic and consigned to the history books.

Michael Ramsey (even though being an Anglo Catholic) wore one (see photo inset) when he was the first Archbishop of Canterbury since the Henrician reformation (in 1534) to have a public meeting with the Pope (Paul VI) in 1967 (no doubt to emphasise that he was a Protestant).

A friend gave me one as an ordination gift when I became a priest (presbyter) 27 years ago next month (in 1997) and I had never worn it until now (apart from at fancy dress parties).

The Archbishop of New York is the first Cardinal I have met, who, (as it happens) is even considered papabile by some (i.e. could be the next Pope).

His proper title is: ‘His Eminence the Most Revd Dr Monsignor Cardinal Timothy M Dolan’

I addressed him as “Fr Tim” (he didn’t seem to mind).

Wearing it for the first time seemed somewhat appropriate.

His Eminence the Most Revd Dr Monsignor Cardinal Timothy M Dolan

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